The Method

Bake Well Being takes creative coaching to a whole new level! Hosting one-to-one coaching sessions, workshops, webinars and events using baking as a positive coping strategy for women in London. Our mission is to use the combination of creative and learning experiences to mutually improve mental health awareness, well-being and support through sharing the joy, benefits and skills that baking provides! Our service aims to provide cathartic bakes, filled with skilful techniques, topped with creative expression and release to enhance the self-esteem, empowerment and overall well-being of women.

The Ingredients

My name’s Ella and two of my greatest passions in life are baking and supporting mental health awareness. I’ve always felt an important part of my one chance at life is to encourage positive change, and last year I realised that combining the two was a perfect way to achieve this! After pitching my idea in the University of Greenwich Enterprise Challenge and winning the Social Category in 2020, I decided to pursue this dream as my next step following graduating from my Events Management Degree. Since then, I have become a qualified Mental Health First Aider and am now working towards completing my Wellness and Resilience Coach Diploma.

My Why

I’ve been passionate about better understanding and raising awareness for mental health from a young age. When I was about nine years old, I witnessed the extremities of how mental ill-health can affect a person and everyone around them when someone close to me was institutionalised after experiencing a breakdown leading to chronic depression. This sparked a mission within me to aim to work towards intervention and prevention practices in an effort to avoid anyone else reaching that position in their own mental health journey and I began to advocate for mental health. Since, I have greatly supported the Mind Charity with fundraisers and championing of their work. Last year I decided to further my actions and make mental health support my life’s work and career when I launched Bake Well Being.