Our education services aim to provide insights into mental health and well-being.

We are currently hosting virtual webinars and workshops on a range of mental health and well-being topics from stress management to building emotional resilience. These services are popular with corporate clients and a great addition to a working culture that supports and promotes positive mental well-being of staff. Click here to see our available webinars and workshops.


Our Webinars are focused on passive learning for the participants. Webinars are best paired with the interactive element of a virtual bake-along! 1 hour sessions – presented via Zoom – sessions can be adapted to include workshop activities upon request

This webinar brings awareness to the daily experiences that challenge our mental well-being and how we can build greater resilience in responding to them. We will unpick the term ‘resilience’ to understand what it involves from a psychological perspective and what this means for us as individuals and collectively within society.

This webinar focuses on the unique mental health and well-being benefits that can be found in the kitchen when engaging in the activities of baking and cooking. We’ll discuss how you can turn these age-old traditions into positive coping strategies while using them as tools for mindful practice.

In this session, we will look at how we can better raise awareness for mental health to benefit our personal well-being and that of those around us. We will discuss areas in our lives which bringing awareness to will improve our overall mental well-being, such as building resilience and managing stress. While sharing easy ways in which we can become advocates for mental health awareness.


Our workshops involve the delivery of educational content combined with individual and group activities for participants to understand the topic from a personal perspective. 2 hour sessions – presented via Zoom.

In this session we will discuss how to challenge frequent misconceptions about mental health. We will also learn about the relationship between our overall well-being and mental health, considering how we can improve our resilience towards the everyday factors that impact our mental well-being, while developing personal strategies to better manage our responses.

The focus for this session is identifying our most common ‘life stressors’ and how these translate into ‘stress’. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on how ‘stress’ affects them personally through guided activities and discussion. We will delve into what ‘stress’ fundamentally means to the individual and how we can better manage our unique stressors and responses to stress.

This session will delve deeper into the topics discussed in the Mental Health Awareness Webinar. This follow-up session will take our learnings into an implementation stage where we will develop personal plans to better our mental health awareness while we workshop strategies to better build resilience and manage stress. This workshop will include individual and group activities.