The FDA has been delighted with Ella’s work for us. As well as providing training for our members (senior leaders in the public sector) Ella has worked with us and the government departments who employ our members to develop learning opportunities. In the constantly changing post COVID world Ella has performed well outside usual limits to develop learning solutions in challenging times. Ella is unique as is her offer and that is something we really appreciate.

— Neil Rider, Head of FDAlearn, FDA (Workshops & Webinars)

Just to say I really got a lot out of your presentation today – the best being that for the first time ever I realise just how Resilient I am!
Your list for resilience read so true of me yet just about all of my life I have thought the opposite of myself!
Definitely a bit of an Epiphany here…

— Mary McCartney, Sustainability & Resources Administrator, University of Greenwich (Building Resilience Webinar)

Ella’s passion for baking and wellbeing really shines through and was a perfect contribution to UWE Bristol’s Feel Good programme. We wanted to bring the conversation of healthy eating in a fun, engagement and tasty way – and Ella delivered above and beyond. I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone else who wants to bring a bit of innovation to their health and wellbeing message in their organisation.

— Louise Goux-Wirth, Staff and Student Engagement Officer, UWE Bristol (Virtual Bake-Along)

The bake-along sessions were a big hit! The students loved them. The recipes are simple enough for everyone to take part in, yet they have also learned lots of new skills along the way, both cooking skills and English skills. They also bonded more as a group with students of different nationalities working together. Quieter students became more confident and this was particularly noticeable in one young man who is usually extremely reserved. He had a huge smile throughout and kept saying ‘this is really fun’.

One group of students wanted to walk around college sharing their food with everyone – the finance team, reception, security – great for improving their communication and confidence and sense of community.

We repeated the workshops so that all students in the department had the opportunity to cook at least once. Thank you for these sessions Ella. I hope to work with you again in the new academic year, this time perhaps in person.

— Lianne McDermott, Lecturer, MidKent College (Virtual Bake-Alongs)

A big thanks to Ella for running a great session baking cookies for our staff. It was a brilliant session that everyone enjoyed, and was very easy to follow. It taught me how important it is to take some time to do something with your hands and really allow yourself to switch off and focus on something creative – and we made some amazing cookies!

— Kailea Turner, Stakeholder Engagement Officer, Port of Milford Haven (Virtual Bake-Along)

The live baking session that Ella from Bake Well Being kindly hosted for Teens Unite Fighting Cancer gave Teens the opportunity to share and show their cookery skills, talk about food and nutrition, and enjoy the rewards of their bakes!

Some of the benefits from the session included taking care of yourself by encouraging healthy living and eating right, learning new, practical life skills, providing a sense of achievement, identifying and expressing feelings through creativity and cookery to improve emotional well-being. This is so important as after a cancer diagnosis, some of these skills, co-ordination and mobility are lost from the harsh treatments. Thank you Ella!

— Yasmin Shanahan, Teens Events Executive, Teens Unite (Virtual Bake-Along)

The Bake Well Being Pancake Day event was a massive success! Ella is a great speaker and led an engaging interactive workshop which involved useful resources with tips for managing wellbeing. This was then followed by a break where attendees could make their pancakes together on camera prior to the Q&A. The event was so much fun and well organised. Following the event, we received 100% positive feedback from attendees and would highly recommend.

— Sophie Hassell-Richardson, Alumni & Development Coordinator, University of Greenwich (Workshop & Virtual Bake-Along)

Ella’s live bake alongs for Ravensbourne University London have been incredibly valuable for our students. Her information and advice on student wellbeing and mental health are delivered in a way that is educational, engaging and encourages students to start very important discussions. Ella is approachable and will always work to deliver the best content possible for us. We would recommend Bake Well Being to anyone who wants to beat the stigma of mental health and inspire their students to openly discuss their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement. Thank you Ella, we can’t wait to work with you again!

— Amelia Gilmore, Social Media Officer, Ravensbourne University London (Virtual Bake-Along)

As a charity working with migrants and refugees, we needed someone that could deliver online baking sessions at a pace and language that would be easy for our people to participate and join in. Ella was perfect for the job, she was really inclusive and did not hesitate to explain things again or differently so that everyone could understand and have fun. She was patient and very flexible about what we asked her to do. We were so happy with her service that we booked her for several of our projects and we will not hesitate to do it again for any future similar projects. I was also lucky to experience her bake-along sessions and I thought it was great fun to watch her and get involved in a new virtual activity!

— Marie Thibault, Head of EU Affairs, Medway Plus (Virtual Bake-Along)

I would just like to say that the workshop was superb both informative and educational. I love the way that Ella kept it interactive by putting us into break-out rooms and doing exercises, as opposed to just listening to someone for 2 hours. Very well run and would recommend it to anyone.

— Theo Asprou, FDA Member (Mental Health Awareness Workshop)

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