Welcome one and all to the Bake Well Being Official Website! I’m so pleased to have you here, whether you were seeking out some wholesome content or have just happened to stumble across it, you are all very welcome here. So let me introduce myself, my name’s Ella and I’m turning 22 on the 20th of July. Two of my greatest passions in life are baking and supporting mental health awareness. I’ve always felt an important part of the chance we get at life is to encourage positive change, and last year I realised that combining these two great passions was a perfect way to achieve this! After pitching my idea in the University of Greenwich Enterprise Challenge and winning the Social Category earlier this year, I decided to pursue this dream as my next step following the completion of my degree. Want to know more about this dream-turned-almost-a-reality? Well, I’m very glad you asked!

Bake Well Being will provide one-to-one coaching sessions, group workshops, and events, all while teaching you the joy, benefits, and skills of baking. Supplying mental well-being support and advice to anyone with a mental health that needs some attention, love, and care (psstt, that’s all of you!) The mission is to promote the benefits baking produces for our mental well-being. To reframe this age-old tradition as a positive coping strategy for all, by whipping up some cathartic bakes, filled with skillful techniques, topped with creative expression and release! Now, if you’re a bit of a tough cookie and not quite sold on the dream yet, let me tell you how we’re going to turn this into a reality with The Big Bake Well Being Aims.

1. To raise awareness for Mental Health.
Through content and workshops dedicated to informing, developing understanding, and sparking conversations with a sprinkling of encouragement from one of the most creative, skill-developing, and rewarding hobbies out there!

2. To remove the intimidation of conventional mental health support.
By establishing comfortable, safe, and welcoming environments while advocating that you don’t need to be experiencing mental ill-health to receive mental health support. That you deserve support, are entitled to seek help, and that no issue is too small.

3. To encourage individuals to care for their mental health as they do for their physical health.
Evoking understanding through frequent reminders that everyone has a mental health which requires an equal amount of protection and care as our physical health paired with providing information as to how we can achieve this.

4. To build a community during times of growing demands, pressures, expectations, and disconnect.
By creating online and face-to-face communities encouraging positive interactions and open conversation on mental health, providing opportunities to learn, share, and seek support.

5. To break down barriers of stigma and ensure that individuals feel empowered, supported, and confident in making positive steps towards better mental well-being!
Through raising awareness, developing understanding, and promoting open conversation we will reduce stigma and negative beliefs surrounding mental health inspiring individuals to confidently seek support.

These aims are at the core of all Bake Well Being activities, resulting in the promotion of psychological achievements as well as physical (and tasty) ones!

Let’s get talking, baking, and eating cake for our mental health.